Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Got back real late Saturday night, got into bed about 1:30AM and got up at 6:00 and drove my wife to Maryville, Tenn. to spend a week with her mother and father and brother and sister-in-law. Got back to Georgia about 3:00PM and I haven't rested up yet. In my last blog, I left my readers with the following and ask you to guess what it meant. "Donde estan los servicion" You guessed it, I needed to be able to ask the question "where's the bathroom"?

Well what a trip. We flew into San Pedro Sula, Honduras and from the time we touched ground to the time we returned to Atlanta, God was all over every aspect of this mission trip. I've seen poverty before, but not like I saw there. Living in mud huts was in some cases better than some of the cardboard boxes I saw. Everybody distrust everybody and walls around the houses that cost more than the house itself and bars on every window and armed guards at every business. It was a sight to see.
Thirty five established gangs were within a five mile radius of the church we worked at and everyday, we were able to share Christ with a few of them. Several came to know Christ as Savior. Here's the final statistics. we saw 1781 patients of which 250 were also Dental patients. Pulled 406 teeth, 32 filings(only because the electicity was on a few hours per day) and we fitted 600 people with a pair of glasses. The real good news about this is 532 people prayed to recieve Christ as Savior. The local church had already scheduled a baptism service down by the river.
One story about a young married couple. The wife said she had thought about coming to the clinic but decided not to because she didn't want to bother with it. She fell and cut her arm and about a 3 inch gash and her husband brought her to the clinic and we sewed her up. Her and her husband both prayed to recieve Christ. God has a plan for us all and he came to seek and to save all that is lost and even though this young couple was doing all they could to not be saved, God had a plan, and it only took a cut on the arm to bring it all about. That's my God. Go GOD!
Well, I was touched by all the children who were sick. Most of them don't have enough to eat and their little belly's were what I would call "pop belly". They were full of parasites and yet they smiled and wanted to love on me. No telling what desease they might have had, I just had to cry and love on them at the same time. My heart was broken knowing that my children are so healthy and my grandchildren have some much and here are kids with nothing but a smile and they seemed happy. My, how spoiled we are and how uncontented we seem and unthankful for what we have. God have mercy on us for complaining and not giving more to HIM for such a time as this. Yes we have hurting people in America, but compared to these people, there's nothing to complain about. I talked to a young man whose wife had just told him that she was leaving him for another man. He was so distraught and felt like he had nothing to live for. He had two young children with him and they were beautiful. As best I could, through an interpretur, I shared the love of Jesus with this man and he prayed to receive Christ. You see, God had a purpose for me going if for no other reason than to share Christ with this man. He not only has Hope now, He has everything to live for. His children and Christ. Well as you can see, I'm walking high today even though I have 10,000 emails waiting on me and even though I covered up with counseling appointments. I had to share with you because I know some of you promised to pray for me while I was gone. Not sure what my blogging will be about in the coming days, but I get to go home and see two of my three daughters and 4 of 5 of my grandchildren. Hope I get to see my brothers and sisters while I'm there and who knows maybe others that I love dearly. So until later, remember this; God has a plan and a place for everybody and He never fails and never leaves us.


Mommyluann said...

Sounds like the Lord used you greatly on this trip.
Thanks for sharing it with us.

Greg P. said...

Eddie, I can imagine the flood of emotion you had just showing love to those children. I'm so glad you were able to witness and lead some people to Jesus. Glad also you were able to satisfy some of their medical needs.

I'm looking forward to more individual stories in future posts.

Greg P. said...

Eddie, I was just re-reading your comments regarding my last post on my blog. You mentioned that "even Christ doesn't know the time" for the rapture of the Church.

Are you certain about that? I know when Christ came to earth he put aside His all-knowing nature to live as a man. I was under the impression when He returned to the Father that He took up His all knowing nature and now DOES know the exact time of the rapture.

I'm not disagreeing with you, I'm just a little confused on that point. Thanks for your help on this.

BethAnne said...

Got some watermelon, got some cantaloup, blueberries, some groceries (so you cant say I never cook for you), do you have pictures of your trip or not?

BethAnne said...

ummm, that should read cantaloupe

Greg P. said...

Eddie, I like the new look of the blog.

Good job!

Shelley said...

HI Pop,
I was at Melinda's on Saturday, so I got to see some of the pictures from the trip. I am so thankful to be a part of the body of Christ and to have friends like you who are willing to give and go. I learn something new about you all the time--I didn't know you had ever been an EMT. Is there a job out there you haven't had? ;-)