Thursday, July 31, 2008

God's Word is so Compelling

Well, I wanted to write this blog this morning but was unable due to being so busy. So here I go trying to remember all that God was sharing through my thoughts as I read Proverbs 31. Most of us know this passage and we hear it mostly on Mother's Day. It speaks of a virtuous wife or one that is morally excellent. As I read this for the (umpteenth)(many) time. I tried to get the feel for what all God is saying about this type of women. You see, He wasn't talking about a particular women but was trying to say that a women of moral excellence is noted for doing particular things and He list many things that a women like this is found doing. He begins by saying, money can't buy her because of her real value to her husband and her husband knows he is worth much more with her than without her. Everything she does brings about worth to her and her family and there is no laziness about anything she attempts to do. She is a hard worker and is not afraid of work and usually can be found working both night and day. She is an early riser and can also work late into the night. She's a good business person and is aware of a good deal when she see's it. She is generous to her family and also reaches out and helps the less fortunate.She plans ahead and even bad weather doesn't freight en her because she is prepared. Because her husband is known in town, she does everything she can to not bring about harm or hurt to his and her names or families. She is a women of intelligence and is known for her kindness. She doesn't waste time but uses her time for benefit of her family. Now with all that, it sounds like this kind of women is just a figment of one's imagination, however the real test of this virtuous women is this. Her children recognize her for her value and love and they bless her and sing her praises. Not only her children, but her husband sings her praises and puts her on the pedestal that she belong on. This type of women doesn't have to wonder if her husband or children love her because they continually show her the value she presents in their life. God says that many women have done well, but the women who does these things cannot be outdone. Then God promises that if this kind of virtuous women will fear God, then God will also see that she is blessed and everyone around her will know of her relationship with the Heavenly Father.

Do you know anyone like this. Well, I've been thinking about all the women in my life. You know, My Mom was a virtuous women and she loved God with all her heart. Because of her health, she didn't work outside the home,but she made things go further than anyone I know. She love her children and her children's spouses. She was known for a women who feared God. I know for a fact that she prayed all night without going to sleep for one of her daughter-in-laws. I do believer today that all her children rise up and called her blessed. You see, my brothers and sisters would be nothing outside what my Mother taught us and what she demanded her children to be. She prayed everyone of us to Jesus and I'm thankful that we all are in the family now. I also believe that each of my daughters have many of these virtues and are growing toward maturity as a virtuous women also. The greatest thing in this world for a women is to fear God and have her children call her blessed and her husband also. Well, these were just some of my thoughts today. My mother passed away in early August three years ago and today I had her on my mind and these verses reminded me of her. I know other women who fit this mold and I feel blessed just to have known them. Guess I've bored you stiff by now, but this was in my heart and head today and I thought I would share it with you.


Amanda B. said...

Your really concerned about this boring thing? I enjoyed it...what a beautiful tribute to an obviously beautiful mother.

Greg P. said...

You'll never be boring when you speak your heart.

Wonderful post Eddie.

Mommyluann said...

So good...not boring in the least.

Thanks for the challenge to be that kind of Godly lady.