Friday, July 25, 2008

Great Week for My Devotional Time

I try real hard to spend quality time with God every morning. This week has been especially good. I read a chapter of Psalms, a chapter of Proverbs and normally I'm somewhere in the New Testament also reading a chapter. Someone taught me a long time ago to journal my thoughts and I do that. Now this is not a diary but just my thoughts which run from one end of the spectrum to the other. Some days I do well with that and some days I don't do so well. Some days, after having read scripture, I feel like nothing new and then at other days, it's like Jesus just wrote that scripture last night and it was only for me. Ever have those type of "Quiet Times"?
Well as I said, this week has been good. Proverbs has been rich this week and I've read them hundreds of times before, but for some reason, these verses have taken on new meaning or at least I've been able to apply them personally. My trip to Israel back in 1997 has made the Old Testament come alive more than ever. Psalms really has new meaning as I have read chpts 46 thru 51 this week. I've read all of 1 Timothy this week and it's been alive. Ever have those times? I've been the exact opposite before seeming like they were just words and having very little meaning. I don't have those too often but they do happen. Whatever the reason for either of these situations, I'm glad God's Word is alive and that I have the privledge to read it. I'm reminded that in many country's I would not be allowed to do so without persecution or even death. We need to love God's Word, we need to love to read God's Word and we need to love to share God's Word. Sorry if I bored you with this, but just so happened this is where I am today and maybe tomorrow, I'll be not so boring.


Amanda B. said...

Sharing your love for God's word is NOT boring. Won't heaven be wonderful? A place where all of God's people are buzzing about how wonderful He is, how wise he is, how gracious and merciful He is, and how much we love Him....forever and ever. If that's boring...sign me up to be bored!! Your wisdom and enthusiasm lights a fire in my please keep sharing those boring details of your quiet times...I'm on the edge of my seat.



BethAnne said...

Ever seen this site?

Now are you going to submit your vacation ideas to the board or what? Gong without first gettting it approved will result in disciplinary action, removal from your position and substantial penalty for early withdrawal (oh wait that is something different).

Eddie said...

Thanks Amanda b. That's encouraging and no doubt in my mind that our mind, heart, soul and very thoughts will be on Jesus. That's the way it should be even here on earth. Now just take a breath and let out a shout, Hurray for Jesus.