Thursday, October 30, 2008

Do you have a "Michal" in your life?

Have you every had a person in your life that seems to never see anything good about you or what you do. This could be a friend, a co-worker, a spouse, a child, a brother or sister. It is said that Satan always has a "Michal" to meet us whenever we rejoice or feel we have accomplished something that's good or even when we rejoice over something that God has done in our lives. In 2 Samuel 6:20-23 we read about David's wife, "Michal" and how she despised David because he wasn't who she wanted him to be. He didn't do things the way she wanted. He was happy and she was not. Now David couldn't throw all the blame on her, because he would have to admit that his marriage to Michal was not a God thing, God did not lead him to Michal. He won her by slaying Goliath and by fulfilling Saul's murderous requirments. This lifetime alliance with the family of Saul meant trouble from the very beginning as an ungodly alliance. Many couples have obtained their spouse through ungodly alliances and life will never be right for them because they chose to leave God out of their decisions. God would never have agreed for someone to divorce their spouse and go to another or to marry someone without God's approval. Life will always bring about unhappiness, unfruitfulness and shame. Michal never exhibited any faith in the God of Israel. She was jealous because she wanted David to act better than those whom he served. She wanted him to display his royal power in pomp and ceremony. David preferred to take his place with the common people and glorify God
David just had a God moment in praising the Lord and her words must have cut him deeply. Her words revealed a wicked heart and David knew even then that he must deal with the situation he had gotten himself into. We can't blame anyone else but ourselves when we go against a Holy God who knows His plans He has for us and we choose to mess it up. Well, as we read, we see that Michal died without children and this was great shame for a Jewish women to die without children. It is said that David answered this fool according to her folly. (Prov.26:5)

When others criticize you, and you know that your heart and motives are right, don't get discouraged. You see, if David had acted like most saints today, he would have just quit serving the Lord because of the opposition that his wife asserted. No, I'm glad that David gave the example of doing even more as you can read in Cpt. 7
The proper spirit to have is to honor God regardless of what obstacles Satan may put before you.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Growing our knowledge of God

1 Peter 1:14-16, “As obedient children, do not be conformed to the desires of your former ignorance but, as the One who called you is holy, you also are to be holy in all your conduct; for it is written, Be holy, because I am holy.”

Many Christians, including me, in the world today, need to grow in their knowledge and the doctrine of God’s Word. Before I was born anew, I did not know how to please God, and nothing I did or said could please our God. Once I became a child of my Heavenly Father, I needed to understand and learn how to conduct myself in ways that would please Him, just as when I was a child, I had to learn how to obey and please my own earthly parents. One of the problems with the Church today is that many of the members do not yet understand how to please the Father, and are still conformed to the old desires and ignorance out of which they were saved. Not that I have arrived, but I am attempting, sometimes poorly, sometimes better, to please my Heavenly Father because He has commanded me to do so.

Our Heavenly Father is a great and Holy God, His Name was so revered by the Old Testament Saints, they would not even pronounce it audibly, nor write it fully, using only the consonants to spell out the Name. The Commandments given to Moses for the Hebrews strictly stated no one should use the Name of God in an irreverent way, yet we use derivatives of His Name as expletives, allow profanities into our presence through our TV’s and radio, do not correct others when they use our God’s name in an irreverent manner, and I fear we will be held accountable. Even children from Christian homes see no harm in using the common phrase, “Oh my Gawd” in conversation, and even more prevalent in the letters OMG while texting.

God has commanded us to be holy, that is, sanctified, made pure, having no vileness or sin in our selves or actions, a perfect life dedicated to God’s glory. This can only be achieved by recognizing we are already fully covered, wrapped in the faultless, pure, white robes of Jesus’ righteousness.

We are saved from eternal death, we are fully forgiven, made perfect in Jesus the Promised One, and kept in His Hand. We should live this day and every day God allows us to have to the glory of our one and only true God that is eternally perfect in all His attributes.

An attribute is an inherent characteristic of a person or being. While we cannot describe God in a comprehensive way, we can learn about Him by examining His attributes as revealed in His Word. Below is a list of the Natural attributes of our God.

This first group is known as natural attributes
God is a Spirit---John 4:24 God is not a physical being limited to place and time as we are. He is present everywhere, and He can be worshiped anywhere, anytime. He became visible in human form in the person of Jesus Christ, but His essence is invisible.
God is changeless ---Hebrews 1:12
God is All Powerful---Genesis 17:1, Genesis 18:14, 25 Isaiah 40:27-31
God is All Knowing---Job 38:39, Romans 11:33-36, Job 37:16, Psalms 147:5
God is Everywhere----Psalms 139:7-12 Genesis 18:25
God is Eternal---2 Peter 3:8, Revelation 1:8

This second group is known as moral attributes
God is Holy----Isaiah 6:1-3, Ephesians 4:24
God is Righteous---Gen. 18:25, Deuteronomy 32:4, Romans 2:6-16 Romans 3;24-26
God is Truth---John 14:6
God is Wisdom---1Tim.1:17, 1Kings 3:8,9, James 1:5
God is the Source of Power in our Lives—John 15:5,6 Exodus 33:112-17
God is Love---Genesis 1:31, Psalms 145:9, Mark 10:18

Knowing who our God is, helps develop our faith in Him allowing us to stand up for Jesus, as a soldier of the Cross.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Our church family just spent 3 days of what we called, "Loving Loud". I really can't tell you how many people were involved, but it was probably several thousand. This past Sunday, we celebrated all that was done. We had people here who served and those who had been served. I personally worked with the Medical Clinic. We served over 600 people during these three days and over 130 of them were seen by a Dentist and the rest were seen by a physician. Teeth were pulled, decays were filed and filled, Medications were prescribed and given and everyone of these people had the gospel presented to them. 160 persons in this group of people prayed to receive Christ as Savior. We had people who repaired homes, built porches, provided computers to a Foster Home and some trained to become Foster Parents. Angle House is a home for young (13-19_) girls and they were treated like royalty, given manicures, had their hair done, bought new clothes for them, took them to the movie and out to dinner. These are just a few of the many, many things that were done. There is a saying that goes like this; "Actions speak louder than words". Even now in this bad economy, our church spent over $200,000.00 just to love our community loud. Now, I only told you the amount, not to brag on our people, but to brag on Jesus. We realize that everything belongs to Him and we realize how blessed we are and how others are lacking. I couldn't begin to tell you all that I've heard that Jesus did during these three days and the one thing that continually rings true and that I hear from so many people is, "Let's not let this end". What an attitude, What a blessing, What a Savior.

Loving Loud is a Biblical Principle. 1 John 3:16-23 and of course we have no better example than Jesus Himself. John 3:16 As I think about this word love, I'm finding that it means so much more than I had allowed it to mean. When I say "I love" many times it was meaningless. Now I don't mean that I didn't love, but I was loving the way I thought it meant to love. You see, when Jesus used the term love, He meant something far different than what you and I have allowed it to mean. I always considered "Phileo" love as good enough love to please God. But God's love was meant to convey His Will to His Children concerning their attitude one toward another and toward all men and in so doing, God was expressing His essential nature.
Vines expository dictionary says, "Love can be known ony from the actions it prompts.
In other words, LIke this; God's love is seen in the gift of His Son. Obviously this is not the love of complacency,or affection, it is an exercise of Divine will in deliberate choice, made without assignable cause which lies in the Nature of God Himself. God's Love which He wants you and I to have for all men is this: Again from Vine Expo.Dictionary: "In respect of agapao as used of God, it expresses the deep and constant love and interest of a perfect Being towards entirely unworthy objects,producing and fostering a reverential love in them towards the Giver, and a practical love towards those who are partakers of the same, and a desire to help others to seek the Giver.

Question for me: When I say, I don't hate, does that mean that I love and if so, is the same Love that Christ has for me and desires me to have for others.

I'm having a good and bad time with God today as you can see. I'm learning,but it's hard to be wrong and admit it and do something about it. Surely, God can use this with others as He has used it with me today.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Did you eat your wheaties this mornig?

Manna in the Morning

Ephesians 6:11-12, “Put on the full armor of God so that you can stand against the tactics of the Devil. For our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the world powers of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavens.”

In our daily lives, we often take the full responsibility of defeating the adversary and resisting his temptations. We need to be reminded we are only a minor part of the spiritual warfare, but we cannot fight the adversary in our own strength! This is not to say we do not need to be on the alert for every seemingly harmless thing that turn into major battles in our lives, but our warfare takes place in many arenas. First we have to be fully aware we do not fight against another person, the fight we face is not against a human enemy, we fight against Satan who may at times use individuals, but our fight is against the devil on a spiritual level. Next, we fight against a whole host of demons, dark angels, evil spirits and those who are expert in spiritual warfare, since they have been fighting for thousands of years. Third, we fight against all the unfair, deceitful, ugly, cheating tactics of the devil, the great adversary of God and Truth.

The warfare takes place in the heavenly places, where we cannot know, assist or affect the outcome of the battle. Daniel was told by Michael that he was delayed in answering Daniel’s prayer because he was in warfare with Satan himself. It continues in the minds and actions of rulers and authorities on this earth. There are those that are completely in the control of Satan because they have willingly sold their eternal lives to him for some earthly benefit. They will always be under his dominion and power, such as Mahmud Aminijad of Iran, who swears allegiance to a god not our Jehovah God Almighty.

We are part of the great army of God that can move mountains, cause God’s work to prosper, prevent Satan from harming those that love and serve our God. Our prayer life should be directed to thwarting Satan’s endeavors on this earth, not just on the wellbeing of those that are loved by us, but our prayer for our world, for God’s purpose to be fulfilled, and for souls to be saved from Satan’s grip are prayers that join the angels and spiritual warriors that ultimately will cast Satan into the lake of fire at God’s command. Our gracious Heavenly Father, give us a burden to enter into spiritual warfare on behalf of your Kingdom this day we pray in Jesus’ name.

Friday, October 17, 2008

New Questions for New Quiz

OKay, Lisa won the first set of questions and I was convinced by several folks that the second set of questions were somewhat unfair for lack of study material by some. I agree and have withdrawn those questions from the contest. So here are you new questions. Now it's very important that you answer each question. Don't take anything for granted and don't leave any part of the answer out. Because I'm trying to grow the number of my blogging friends, each set of questions will require your getting someone new to get involved in the question contest. I want to get as many involved as possible, so remember, new people who have not been active in participating on my blog. Here goes. We will conclude this set of questions and anounce the winner by Wednesday October 22 in the PM.

1. Scripture teaches us about the Sovereignty of God which means that God is in all and over all. We learn that God's Sovereignty is creative, it's moral, it's beyond our comprehension, it's purposeful. God's Sovereignty also allowed man to have freedom which can mean that not all things that occurs in this world is God's will.
With this in mind, can you believe that Christ admitted to not knowing everything?
Tell me what,if anything, Christ does not know and tell me where you found it?

2. Biblically speaking, When was the "Ark of the Covenat last heard of?

3. God appointed certain Feast days as solemn,eucharistic meetings and all males and children from the twelfth year on were required to attend. These were seasons of joy and gladness, sacrificing and also entertainment. Name nine feast that God appointed.

4.There are several "Mary's" listed in Scripture. Name at least five of them and who they were.

5. What was Jesus first sermon, what was His text, where was He and on what day was it given?

OKAY! It was unfair questions

OKAY! I've been beaten, stabbed and stomped on and I have to admit it was an unfair question since most people don't have access to apocryphal scriptures. Therefore without further comment, I agree and withdraw this last set of questions and will be much more careful for the remaining questions. Remember, the intent is two fold, one to get you and I to open God's Word, study it and two to bring new bloggers to this blog. So far, only five persons have actually participated. HELP ME HERE FOLKS, I saw a blog the other day where 220 people responded to a women who was talking about how to get the gray out of her hair. Surely talking about Jesus should be more important. Now Beth referred her blogging buddies to my site and many may have come over, but I don't know that since none chose to comment. Everyone of our blogs should be a something that helps people, puts smiles on peoples faces or something that draws them closer to Christ. That's my intent and that's why I thought the question contest might be a ploy to get some new readership. I remember in church several years ago, the moto was "Just one win One" and that's the idea.
Can you imagine haveing an audiance of 220 people that you can speak into their life. That's bigger than most churches. I believe the internet certainly is one avenue that has some many potentials that we haven't begun to understand it's vastness. Again, my heart is to have fun, have communication with my friends and family and bring more people into those categories. Give me your thoughts as I might be wrong in my approach. I've had others refer me to various sites, I just thought that might be the way to do it. OKAY,I've said that and more questions will be coming, hopefully before I leave my desk for the day.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bible Test # 2

OKAY--It's obvious that I must go a little deeper if I am to stump you. Lisa was the first to complete every question and answer each question correctly and have her person complete the questions also. Now this test is a little harder. So please answer each of the questions completely and don't forget I have two fold reasons for doing this. I want you to open your Bible, search for the answer and I also want new blogging friends who will drop in occassionally. Each time the questions will get harder and I will also throw in a Math quiz just to make you think. Here goes!
Let me also say that these questions will cause you to engage the entire scriptures as known to man. This should be a good clue for you as you search out these answers.

1. There were several times in scriptures that people were mentioned but their names were not given. Name at least six persons who fit this category. Tell me their names and where you were able to find this information.

2. Who were the 20 kings of Judah? Name them in their canonical order.

3. A man spends 20% of the cash in his wallet. Then he spends 20% of the cash that remains in his wallet. He spends $36.00 in all. How much csh did he originally have in his wallet?

4. Challenge someone who does not normally read my blog to answer these questions. They must log in and give me anwers in order for you to complete the test.

Good luck and there is a prize for the first to complete this test with 100% correct answers and has their blogging friend log in. You can work together or separate, but both must log in with correct answers.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Biblical Test--You must respond with your answers

OK, I initiated this blog in order to be able to share Christ with those who would read. It's obvious that my readers are few and far between. So here's the deal. I'm going to post some Biblical questions and I want you to answer them. I also want you to tell at least one other person about this blog and have them answer the question also. I will announce the winner--'s as quickly as I feel all that is going to respond have responded. I'm hoping that by asking these questions, you will have to open your bible to find the answers and by doing so, you learn and I get to know more people. DEAL? Here goes, your first of many Biblical Questions:

1. Who was Israel's first High Priest? Who were his parents? Who was his sister?
Who was his wife? Who were his sons? What happened to his two oldest sons?
Was this man allowed to enter the promised land? Where did he die and at what age?

2. Who did you ask to check out these questions? Did they follow your leadership?

Please be as precise and directly to the point in your answers. We will announce the winner at some time in the future after several questions have been ask.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hard to beat Tennessee

Now just so that you don't misunderstand my title, I'm not talking about Football. In fact this year, if you don't beat Tennessee in Football, you probably would be considered a misfit. They have won two games and I'm not certain if they will win any more the rest of the year. Yes, I'm being pessimistic, but let's also be honest, they need a new coach. It's hard to keep going back to records(history) when your performance today(present) stinks. Now that's enough about Tennessee football.
What I was really referring to was a trip I took this past week-end to the hills of Tennessee. Traveling up to Pigeon Forge by way of state route 321 N. was very invigorating to say the least. I moved away from Tennessee in 1985 and have not been a resident of that state since then, however, once a Tennesseean, always a Tennesseean. There is probably no more beautiful state than Tennessee especially during the Fall season when the leaves are changing and falling to the ground. The weather was "God sent" and could not have been more pleasant. Although, everybody else in the world had the same idea about going to Tennessee at the same time, it still was very pleasant. You would be hard pressed to find a time when more people were there at one time. Traffic was a parking lot where ever we went. Gatlinburg was an impossible place to go, find parking and walk down the main street. Just a mess, but again, because the weather was so pleasant and the foliage was so pretty, it didn't seem quiet so bad. We stayed in a cabin and sitting on the front porch and watching the time fly by was still invigorating. I had forgotten what Tennessee looked like in the fall. Maybe, it's just because this old boy is getting old and my obtuse memory allowed me to go back to some good ole days in my past. God has been good to me,much better than I deserve and just to be able to sit down, rock in a rocking chair and remember some of the good ole times, places and people was just so relaxing. I had a great time rmembering when my girls were small and the times we spent enjoying the fall and some of the Sunday trips we made to N.C. and even to Gatlinburg because it was just 1 1/2 hour away. Obviously, Pigeon Forge has grown by leaps and bounds since then, it was still pleasant to remember those times of fall and family. Both my parents are in heaven now and I miss them greatly and I can remember a time when we came to the Smokies when I was just a young boy. The car we drove was a 49 Chevrolet and going across the mountain to Cherokee, we had to stop and put water in the radiator because the motor got too hot and spilled the water and antifreeze out. I can remember seeing bears along the road side trying to get food from trash cans. I can remember my mom and dad buying me an Indian head dress and a tomahawk. Oh my goodness, that was a long time ago. Well, I guess I've rambled on long enough, but I will conclude that this was a very pleasant weekend and I spent it in the hills of Tennessee.

By the way, I got this in my email while I was gone so, I felt it might just be the right thing to share it with all two of you who read my blog. IT's called the,
Some people in Tennessee have trouble with all those "shalls" and "shall not's" in the Ten commandments. Folks just aren't used to talking in those terms. So some folks in middle Tennessee got together and translated the "King James" into "Jackson County" language. NO JOKE, read on;
The Hillbilly's Ten Commandments (as posted on the wall at Cross Trails church in Gainesboro, Tennessee)

1. Just one God
2. Put nothin before God
3. Watch yer mouth
4. Git yourself to Sunday meetin
5. Honor yer ma & Pa
6. No killin
7. No foolin around with another fellow's gal
8. Don't take what ain't yers
9. No tellin tales or gossipin
10. Don't be hankerin for yer buddy's stuff.

I guess that's as plain as anyone can say it and it sure ain't offensive.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Remembering My Dad

My Dad passed away on Easter Sunday morning in 1991. He had lung cancer and died six months to the day that he found out about the cancer. That's been over 17 years ago and I still miss him. My Dad was a great man and he really loved the Lord. I can remember prior to his being saved, how he responded mostly in anger and frustration, but after Jesus came into his life, he became a very gentle man. Now my dad only had a 7th grade education, so as the world would believe, he was not a smart man at all. But what the world didn't know about my dad was he had mucho common sense. He may have had trouble doing math, but he didn't have trouble using math. He may have had trouble using proper english,but he didn't have trouble saying the right things.In fact, when I was much younger, I use to think of my dad as someone who just wasn't to smart. In fact, if I'm going to be honest, I thought my dad was dumb. But something happened the older I got, the smarted he got or at least in my mind, that's the way it was. He became one of the smartest people I knew and then he died. You see there are thiings today, I would like to ask my Dad and I don't have that opportunity to do so. There are things today, that I believe my Dad could give me good sound advice and yet I can't ask him for it. So let me say to those of you who read this blog. If you Dad is still alive, ask him all the questions you can. Get as much information from him as you can. Someday, you will be like me, you won't have that chance to ask any more. I read the following just the other day and I believe this is so very true at least it is in my life.

The Fatherhood Cycle
When I was 4 years old: "My Daddy can do anything"
When I was 7 years old: "My Dad knows a lot, a whole lot"
When I was 12 years old: "Oh well--naturally--Father doesn't know that either"
When I was 14 years old: "Father? Hopelessly old fashioned"
When I was 21 years old: "Oh that man is so out of date. What did you expect?"
When I was 25 years old: "He knows a little bit about it--but not much"
When I was 30 years old: "Maybe we ought to dind out what Dad Thinks"
When I was 35 years old: "Let's ask Dad wha the would do before we make a decision"
When I was 40 years old: "I wound what Dad would have thought about that? He was pretty smart."
When I was 50 years old: My Dad knew absolutely everything"
When I was 60 years old: I'd give anything if Dad were here so I could talk this over with him. I really miss him.

That's my feeling exactly.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Love Dare

Well, yesterday, Beth mentioned something about going to the movie "Fireproof" and she highly recommended it to anyone who had not seen it. Well, I had seen it early on. One of the Pastors at Sherwood Baptist Church brought it to our church and showed the staff about 6 weeks ago. I loved it then and last night my wife and I went to the movie theatre and I saw it again. It was even more powerful the second time around. So in my blog today, I thought it might be good to just share the DARE with all (the two people)who read my blog. I really believe that God is going to do great and mighty things through this movie and I'm asking Him to do it even in me. What about you? Have you seen it yet? When you see it, will you apply it? Hope so.
Here goes:

THE SCRIPTURES SAY that God designed and created marriage as a good thing. It is a beautiful, priceless gift. He uses marriage to help us eliminate loneliness, multiply our effectiveness, establish families, raise children, enjoy life, and bless us with relational intimacy. But beyond this, marriage also shows us our need to grow and deal with our own issues, and self-centeredness through the help of a lifelong partner. (Now folks, I just have to stop here and confess, that I have messed up everything that you just read, big time). It goes on to say; If we are teachable, we will learn to do the one thing that is most important in marriage---to love. This powerful union provides the path for you to learn how to love another imperfect person unconditionally. It is wonderful. It is difficult. It is life changing.
This book is about love. It's about learning and daring to live a life filled with loving realtionships. And this journey begins with the person who is closest to you: your spouse. May God bless you as you begin this adventure.
But be sure of this: it will take courage. If you accept this dare, you must take the view that instead of following your heart, you are choosing to lead it. The world says to follow your heart, but if you are not leading it,then someone or something else is. The Bible says that "the heart is more deceitful than all else" Jeremiah 17:9, and it will always pursue that which feels right at the moment.
(Again, folks, I have messed up again, I thought following your heart was right and now I'm learning that I must lead my heart to do right. Wow, You never get to smart or too old to learn.)
We dare you to think differently---choosing instead to lead your heart toward that which is best in the long run. This is a key to lasting, fulfilling relationships.
The Love Dare journey is not a process of trying to change your spouse to be the person you wnat them to be. You've no doubt already discovered that efforts to change your husband or wife have ended in failure and frustration. Rather, this is a journer of exploring and demonstrating genuine love, even when your desire is dry and your motives are low. The truth is, love is a decision and not just a feeling. It is selfless, sacrificial, and tranformational. And when love is truly demonstrated as it was intended, your relationship is more likely to change for the better.
Each day of the journey will contain three very important elements:
FIRST, a unique aspect of love will be discussed. Read each of these carefully and be open to a new understanding of what it means to genuinely love someone.
SECOND: you will be given a specific dare to do for your spouse. Some will be easy and some very challenging. But take each dare seriously, and be creative and courageous enough to attempt it. Don't be discouraged if outside situations prevent you from accomplishing a specific dare. Just pick back up as soon as you can and proceed with the journey.
LAST: you will be given journal space to log what you are learning and doing and how your spouse is responding. It is important that you take advantae of this space to capture what is happening to both you and your mate along the way. These notes will record your progress and should become pricless to you in the future.
Remember, you have the responsibility to protect and guide your heart. Dont' give up and don't get discouraged. Resolve to lead your heart and to make it through to the end. Learning to truly love is one of the most important things you will ever do.


What a Word, What a dare! God help us all to love like you love.