Monday, August 10, 2009

Old Jerusalem----New Jerusalem

In 1997, I was privledged to travel to Israel with my Pastor, Dr. Johnny Hunt and about 80 other people. This was a dream come true for me as I had always wanted to go and never dreamed that I would actually get to go. You see, I always had to dream what it was like and I've seen pictures of it, but I've had to imagine mostly.
Well, let me say in the outset that I'm not a very good dreamer because everything that I saw was so much different than what I had imagined. Everything is stone! Rocks galore everywhere you look. The mount of Olives, The Eastern Gate, The Old City within the Gates and the city outside the Gates. Mount Calvary, The Garden tomb, The Dead Sea, Jerico, Sea of Galilee, Capernium. I could go on and on and never express what all I saw. Being able to walk in the same places that scripture tells us that Jesus walked. Imagine how He must have felt walking through the streets of Old Jerusalem and how He wanted so much for them to believe that He was the Son of God and yet many didn't believe and many wanted Him dead and they got their way finally. Yet, you and I know that even death, the grave and even Hell couldn't defeat our Savior. Yes, I couldn't imagine the felling of knowing that I was right there perhaps even in the same spot that Jesus was at one time. What a felling, What a City, What a Savior. Well we're told in Scripture in Rev. 21:2 that there will be a new Jerusalem coming down from heaven from God. Yes He created the Old Jerusalem and He is creating the New Jerusalem and I can't imagine what it will look like either. My dreams of heaven I'm sure come mighty far from what it really will be like. God gives us detailed description of the architecture, walls, streets, and other features of what He calls a city which I believe is a literal geographical location. Physically resurrected people living in a physical environment. God calls this city which the New Jerusalem. The old Jerusalem will be done away with and a new one will be where we abide with Him for ever and ever. Read Revelation 21-22 and get some a glimer of vision as to what this city might look like and then just know that imagination will never be sufficient to keep you from being at awe when we finally see the New Jerusalem and when we get to see Jesus.