Thursday, July 23, 2009

Just way to busy

Well, I had meant to blog more about Heaven by now but I've just been busy. Life seems to come at me with large blows or not at all. It's either feast or famine! I hope to get something written by next week, but can't bet on it. Have you noticed how everything seemed to move over to facebook and then nothing much here. Well, I like this medium much better than facebook. Who really cares what someone is doing right now? By the time we get it read, they aren't doing it any more. So it means nothing. Then all those people who say they are your friend that you don't even know. They write they are going to the bathroom and that's way more information than I need or want. Then you learn that some of the people that you thought you knew, are really different than you thought. They just aren't who they pretend to be or at least it doesn't seem that way. Oh well, I really like the blogging best and hope many of those who use to be here, will get tired of facebook and tweeter and come back to the old blogging site. Hope to bring another heaven message soon.