Friday, September 5, 2008

Back in the saddle again

Well, a week at the beach is enough for anybody and now I'm spending a few days back in Tennessee with Beth and Lisa. I love coming to Tennessee at this time of year. You can see the change of season is in the air. The leaves haven't changed, but the grass is just not as green as in the summer. The air gets cooler at night and it's just something in the air that says, Fall is in the air. I had dinner with Lisa last night and we got to talk about her children, my grandchildren. I love talking about them. I'm so proud of them and yet I can see how God has worked in and through their lives. Their mom and dad have been faithful to teach them and help them see Christ in everyday life. They didn't give them everything they wanted and that has helped them to appreciate things much more. Zach called me and told me that his golf team at school won a tournament and that he shot a 77. Now that's my boy. Zack went on two mission trips this summer and he got so excited about doing God's work. Golf was his life and all he talked about but I heard him say that life was not made up of just golf. Now he still loves the game as his granddaddy does, but he sees the picture much bigger now. Anna, fell in love with missions and she wants to go back now. She is working hard at school and working hard so she can buy those backpacks that I'm hearing about. She is top notch and a beautiful young lady. Is she perfect. Well! in my book she is but I know that life is tough for a young girl today and I pray for her daily. Now, let's talk about my oldest grand-son. Brandon was always the kid who could make top grades without much study (like his mom) and he was the one that I thought would perhaps be a doctor, lawyer etc; but after about 3 years of college, he's got burned out and has stopped going to school and has gotten a job at a bank. Now that's not what I would have planned for him, but you know, God is in charge and he is God's child and I have to trust that God will have His perfect will done in and through Brandon's life. I pray for him everyday also. Well, this morning Lake had to go to school and Kaden and Granddaddy stayed together while his mom took Lake to school. Special times with your grandchildren are just the greatest times. Kaden always has funny things to say. This morning, he says "Granddaddy, I know how to cook breakfast. I put milk in cereal" No doubt he got that from his mom, ha. Now my youngest daughter is still back in Atlanta and I always miss her when I'm not there. She is the youngest and probably the most spoiled. I like to think that all my girls are "daddy's girls", and if their not, I still like to think so. Their mom, might think different, but this is my blog and I will say what I want and think the way I want. OK? I will be going back to Atlanta either Saturday or Sunday morning and back to work on Monday morning. My schedule is fixed and counseling is heavy at this time. I will be traveling at the end of September and then the next thing you know, it will be Christmas. Well, enough of this scribble, I've bored you to death, not that I really believe anyone has read all this, but hopefully I will be back to my normal blogging next week. See ya then.


Amanda B. said...

I read it and enjoyed it. I'll be back to hear more soon.

Mommyluann said...

Beth said you were coming to town. One of these days I hope to meet you in person. I was there the nite Pastor Hunt was at church but had to leave early with my husband stayed.

Greg P. said...

I love to hear a man speak about his family with such passion and love.

I hope your vacation was enjoyable.

Mitchell said...

I appreciate what you said about the kids...they all love you very much. Brandon is very much like his "earthly" father because he is a stubborn young man and wants to walk his own path...however I may "wish" his life was...I know that God does have a plan for him and I need to trust in that. I have tried to teach my boys that as a man you have to WALK THE WALK
not just TALK THE TALK. I also know they see that in their Grandaddy...thanks "squid"
Love you

Eddie said...

your welcome young man and if he turns out close to his dad, he will be fine. Remember, we all have had younger days of doing our own thing. I just pray that God will protect and that Brandon will never forget that the God that saved him is the same God who continues to love him. It is possible to leave the umbrella of protection and I pray that doesn't happen for our boy. I grown to love you and know that I hope you grow to love me also as both a Father in law and as a man of God.