Friday, August 22, 2008

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Well I decided to read this again today and it was just were I was in reading scripture. Matthew 6:9-13 and Matthew 7:7-11

Jackson's Hatred of War

On April 17, 1860, a few weeks before Virginia seceded from the Union, a peace conference was held in Washington, D.C, to try to avoid a war. Stonewall Jackson was heard to say:
"If the general government should persist in the measures now threatened, there must be war. It is painful to discover with what unconcern they speak of war, and threaten it. The do not know it's horrors. I have seen enough of it to make me look upon it as the sum of all evils." His Wife Mary Anna writes (However it may surprise those who knew him only as a soldier, yet it is true that I never heard any man express such utter abhorrence of war. I shall never forget how he once exclaimed to me, with all intensity of his nature, "Oh how I deprecate war!"
Jackson went on to say:
Should the step be taken which is now threatened, we shall have no other alternative; we must fight. But do you not think that all the Christian people of the land could be induced to unite in a concert of prayer to avert so great an evil? It seems to me that if they would thus unite in prayer, war might be prevented and peace preserved. (His wife Mary concluded)...In his public prayers after this, his most fervent petition wa that God would preserve the whole land from the evils of war.

It's interesting that the great warrior, Stonewall Jackson, hated war so much. he took no pleasure in the prospect of war, but he was willing to do his duty if called upon to defend his cherished state of Virginia. Jackson's faith in the power of prayer wa his first answer to war's inevitable horrors. he believed that if all
Christians would unite in prayer, was could be avoided. Jackson describes this united effort as "a concert of prayer." There is power in the united effort of praying people.

As a Christian, do you believe in the power of "a concert of prayer"? If Christians all over the world or even here in America were to be a part of "a concert of prayer" concerning the coming election, the coming of Christ or the salvation of People, perhaps we too could change the coming days. Think about it. Prayer is the Key to heaven, Faith unlocks the door. Good song and very true.
I will be off for couple of weeks and will not be blogging. Stay tuned, stay clean, stay pure and know that if Jesus taries His coming, we as Christians need to join in
"a concert of prayer" for our nation.


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Have a wonderful vacation Eddie. Enjoy yourself and just fellowship with the Lord in relaxation.