Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sun, Stand still---Moon stop

Joshua 10:12-15

Then Joshua spoke to the Lord in the day when the Lord delivered up the Amorites before the children of Israel, and he said in the sight of Israel:

"Sun, stand still over Gibeon:
And Moon, in the Valley of Aijalon."

So the sun stood still, and the moon stopped,
Till the people had revenge upon their enemies.

Is this not written i the Book of Jasher? so the sun stood still in the midst of heaven, and did not hasten to go down for about a whole day.

And there has been no day like that, before it or after it, that the Lord heeded the voice of a man; for the Lord fought for Israel.

Then Joshua returned, and all Israel with him, to the camp at Gilgal.

Wow! Have you ever wished that God would heed your request like that even when it might go against His established plan. I have, but It didn't work for me. Now I'm reading why. Because God said so, that's why. I guess I have to agree with that, don't you think?

The other day, I was saying to myself, just after a car(driver) about ran over me, "I wish I were a cop, I'd pull that dude over and make him pay big bucks."
"Cops are never around when you need them." They are probably having lunch with ++++

Then I was at the mall. Not my favorite place to be, but was doing my honey-do behavior and there was a group of young people, most of whom had pins in their noses, hoses and roses. Their hair was multicolored and they used vile language and just not the kind of kid you would want your kid to turn out to be.

My first thought was, "I would like to take that pin in your nose and run it clear to your brain if you had one". Then I would like to take that vile tongue of yours and pull it to the ground and step on it".

Now what if God heeded my voice in these two instances, the result would have been disasterous and I could have hurt or gotten hurt and no one would have believed in God because of my actions.

I guess what I'm trying to say is it's important to do the right thing, remember whose we are and who we are and represent Christ in a way that brings Him glory and honor.

Well that's my spill for today and I will let you go, but don't forget to respond and let me know that your reading these blogs. OK


BethAnne said...

I'm reading.

having lunch with ++++ - did you mean the 'pastor'??? hhahahahahah
Just kidding.
I KNOW what you mean!

My theory on the kids with all the holes in their heads and who knows where else is that when they got all those piercings, their brains spilled out.......just my opinion.....If one of my kids asks to have a piercing of some sort, I will say yes as long as I am the one who gets to pierce them.......I think I could cause enough trauma that they would never want to ask for another one.

Greg P. said...

I have felt the same way so many times Eddie.

It is tough to handle at times, but, just think of how well your own kids turned out and be thankful they don't have green mohawks and pierced eyeballs, and looking like they just walked out of an embalming session.

...uh, ... now about cops having lunch .... (no no no ...)

alliekat said...

I definitely don't understand alot of the things kids are wearing, piercings they have, TATTOOS, etc. I'm sure that I will "take a ribbing" for this (east tn lingo in case you have forgotten)but I am going to express myself anyway. While I am shocked by alot of the appearances that I am seeing these days, I am trying to be less judgmental. I have alot of the same thoughts that you expressed in your blog. I could handle 1000 piercings in a body as one person with their pants hanging down around their knees!!! Nothing irritates me more or incites harsh thoughts! Back to the less judgmental attitude....while I don't understand it, I have seen alot of changes recently in our youth group at church specifically in their attitude, worship, interactions with their classmates, missions and just genuinely being on fire for Jesus. Some of these young people don't always have their hair the way or length that I would like it to be, or piercings where I would like or even their hair color what I would like. As you are very much aware, some have chosen tattoos to "express" themselves. Through some discussions with my own perfect little angel children, I have decided that maybe we should be more concerned with what is on the inside than what is on the outside. I think that is what Jesus is looking at. Jesus surrounded himself with some people that others wouldn't have anything to do with because of their appearance, their jobs, their habits, basically based on outward appearance. Just my thoughts....feel free to hit me hard with your comments!

Greg P. said...

Lisa, you won't take a hit at all on your comments. (I remember rule #1 from your latest post)

Seriously though, you are right in that it is what's inside the heart, rather than how the heart is wrapped. But, if people want to be taken seriously, then they should DRESS the part. People develop a subconscious first impression before they get to know the real you.

I know I'LL take a hit on that comment, but, I live and work in the mainstream world.

alliekat said...

No hit on that one. I have been and am still of the same opinion. I am TRYING to look beyond. There were probably some inside comments there that you wouldn't get. It seems that two of my three children have decided that it is OK to have a tattoo. My 20 year old and 22 year old decided to "surprise" Mom and Dad and needless to say it wasn't good! However, for example, my daughter has several friends that also have tattoos all of which are in greek but have a christian meaning. I am definitely not happy about it but have seen that they are all very focused on Christ and Christ centered things. That is kind of where this whole comment came from. Just wanted to give you some background there. My daughters blog is "More Than A Conqueror" which is also what her tattoo says (in Greek of course)!

Mommyluann said...

Still reading!!!! I soaked up a weekend at Dollywood if you should ever have the need to hear all about it!!!!!

Shelley Hendrix said...

I'm here!

And, you know, you would definitely have been invited if my brain hadn't been on overload here lately. Since we had it at my house on a Sunday afternoon, we kept it small (plus, my house is small!) We got a scrapbook for Macey to put her written blessings into and I know it would mean a lot to her to get one from you if you'd like to send her one.