Monday, April 6, 2009

Changing the Past

Have you ever been guilty of trying to change your past? You see, some people try to focus on the past. I've found as long as they do, change for the future will not be possible. Since no one can change their past, the past is really not what needs changing. In fact the past no longer exist. It is gone, never again to return. Because this is fact, then the present is what we need to work on. The best you can do, you can't change the past. What was; was, and nothing you can do, will change what was. Now you have today which you can effect and you have tomorrow (maybe) by which you can plan for, but you can't go back to the past. People who live in the past, are people who can't see a future. Now don't get me wrong, your past can have effect on the present and perhaps even your future, but dwelling on the past will keep you stagnant and will not allow growth in your life.

Have you ever been guilty of trying to live in the future? You see, some people try to focus on the future. As long as they do, the present holds little hope for them. Since no one can live tomorrow today, then trying to live in the future is meaningless. Nothing you can do, to live tomorrow, today. If these two facts are true, then we have only one choice and that is to live for today. You see, today is all you have. You have outlived yesterday and you haven't arrived to tomorrow. Living in either the past or the future makes no sense, therefore the past and the future do not exist.

If these are true, then living for today must be of upmost importance to each of us. I would give anything if I could change some things of the past, but I can't because it doesn't exist anymore, it's gone and will never return. I would give anything if I could change my future, but it doesn't exist, and I may never get to the future. Future is anything beyond the moment that I'm presently living. Past is anything behind the moment that I'm presently living.

Today is what I have and yesterday's gone and tomorrow has not arrived. Today is all I have and what I do with today will determine what my tomorrow might look like.
So if you are one who lives in yesterday or tomorrow, your trying to live in an area that doesn't exist. Live for today, forget yesterday, learn from yesterday and make the most out of today so that if God allows you to have a tomorrow, it will be for HIs Glory and His Honor.


Mommyluann said...

Good word. Hope you are feeling better. Beth said you had some surgery. Hope you are doing better.

Greg P. said...

The only time I tried to change my past was on my resume! (kidding)

Your message is right on target. I wish I could change so many things also, but, to no avail. Can't happen. That's why we have what's called forgiveness, for all the things we wish we could change from our past. Thanks for this post, Eddie.