Friday, October 17, 2008

OKAY! It was unfair questions

OKAY! I've been beaten, stabbed and stomped on and I have to admit it was an unfair question since most people don't have access to apocryphal scriptures. Therefore without further comment, I agree and withdraw this last set of questions and will be much more careful for the remaining questions. Remember, the intent is two fold, one to get you and I to open God's Word, study it and two to bring new bloggers to this blog. So far, only five persons have actually participated. HELP ME HERE FOLKS, I saw a blog the other day where 220 people responded to a women who was talking about how to get the gray out of her hair. Surely talking about Jesus should be more important. Now Beth referred her blogging buddies to my site and many may have come over, but I don't know that since none chose to comment. Everyone of our blogs should be a something that helps people, puts smiles on peoples faces or something that draws them closer to Christ. That's my intent and that's why I thought the question contest might be a ploy to get some new readership. I remember in church several years ago, the moto was "Just one win One" and that's the idea.
Can you imagine haveing an audiance of 220 people that you can speak into their life. That's bigger than most churches. I believe the internet certainly is one avenue that has some many potentials that we haven't begun to understand it's vastness. Again, my heart is to have fun, have communication with my friends and family and bring more people into those categories. Give me your thoughts as I might be wrong in my approach. I've had others refer me to various sites, I just thought that might be the way to do it. OKAY,I've said that and more questions will be coming, hopefully before I leave my desk for the day.


KrisinTN said...

I wanted you to know that I came by way of Beth's blog. I was very stumped by your last question, and didn't even know where to start. I am going to show it to my husband when he comes home tonight. Your questions are very thought provoking, and make me wonder Why I don't know these answers? I'm sure that I should!

Eddie said...

Krisintn---Thanks for coming by and visiting my blog. I have deleated my last set of questions only because I was influenced (by the twisting of my arm)to realize not everyone has access to the Apocryphal scriptures and thereby making the question unfair. I will again post questions today which should be much easier to answer. Again, thanks for coming by and I hope that you will join in our question quiz and let us know your answers. God bless