Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What to do if they come a knocken

This is mostly in Beth's response to my last Blog. What she said was, I ask questions and they left and didn't come back. Obviously, that certainly solved the problem of them coming, "knocken on your door" but it didn't solve their problem.
Now keep in mind, that I was convicted about not knowing enough to even ask the questions. Beth is right in her response that rather than saying "I'm right, your wrong," "Jesus is God, no matter what you say", "I'm saved, your going to Hell"
It is much better to ask questions rather than having a scriptural "shoot out". When then happens, the wounded and bleeding JW runs back to his or her elder for protection and comfort. They patch him or her up by explaining away damaging verses and warn them not to listen to "argumentative" householders again in their door to door preaching. So they don't come back. You see the JW is taught that the human mind can only absorb a little information at a time and therefore, JW plan at least a six month study with people they are trying to convert. They don't try to bombard us with an "Adam to Amageddon" sermon on the first visit. Perhaps we could learn from this process and learn to ask questions that causes the JW to have to contemplate his or her answer. Remember, you are trying to teach a JW to "unlearn false Watchtower doctrines and relearn Biblical Truths." and they can just digest so much at a time. Jesus said in John 16:12 "I still have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now." All of us are in this same position, we can just gather in so much information and be able to understand it. How many times as you read scripture, do you find Jesus asking questions to his disciples, to the people that were hearing him? We can tell them that they have been deceived, the Watchtower organization is a false prophet, you need to get saved, but until the Spirit of God convicts and convinces, they will just be offended by our words and they will conclude what they have been told, We are the deceived and we are the ones going to hell. Empathy is so very important when reaching out to these misled individuals. How would you want others to speak to you, if you were the one who was misled.

I will give you questions to ask in my next blog. I have to go to a meeting right now, but hopefully I will do this today.


Mommyluann said...

Ron Carlson has some good stuff on dealing with the too.

Can't wait to read your next blog entry.