Friday, April 4, 2008

The Prosperity Gospel?

The prosperity Theology or the Gospel of Wealth is about as prevalent today as ever before. We hear this type of Gospel from "preachers" who stand before camera's and some even before their congregations and rebuke the "spirit of poverty". By doing this, they are assuring their audiance that material prosperity will come their way if they do as they are being told. We're told that we need to get into true biblical prosperity as the wise men did many years ago. We're told the money they brought literally met the financial needs of Mary, Joseph, and the child in their desperate hour. Now, by sending money to the evangelist in his desparate hour, according to their communication to us, one may expect to become materially prosperous, just like the wise men who gave generously to baby Jesus. You may say even right now, I haven't heard this before. Well, "preachers, evangelist" like this represent a large and visable segment of American Evangelicalism that subscribes to what is call "prosperity theology," or "the health and wealth gospel." This worldview thrives , in churches and in parachurch ministries, only because such men have willing supporters, eager to get their share of the prosperity pie. I'm not talking about someone outside the church but this seems to be very previlent inside the church. It addresses the attitudes and lifestyles of millions of mainstream Christians who, to varying degrees and sometimes without realizing it, have bought into a lie of prosperity theology.
Due to lack of time today, I'm going to let this stop right here, but if you would like to hear more on this subject and about what God has to say about this issue, then I just might take it even further. God bless and I'm wishing everyone who reads my blog, a very blessed day. Never forget, this day is a gift from God and God has a plan for this day for you.


Greg P. said...

How often I hear the prosperity gospel as I'm flipping channels Eddie. I cringe when I see Paula White and Steve Munsey preach this to gullible minds. I would like to see you expand on this topic when you get an opportunity. Thank you for your ministry Eddie.

Mommyluann said...

I stumbled onto your blog by way of Beth's blog...I love that girl...she's in my Sunday School class and currently my care group leader. Kaden is a favorite of my youngest son Sean. WE watched Lake's baptism on Beth's blog. We were out of town the night he was baptized. Good opportunity for me to explain to Daniel , my oldest about the Gospel again..He wanted to know what Lake was doing.


jcdisciple said...

I go to church with Beth. Enjoying your blog.

Shelley said...

Preach it Pop! :-)

AnnaElizabeth said...

I agree, Granddaddy! Too many people preaching their own gospel instead of preaching the gospel that we, as followers of Christ, are all called to spread to the world! I see men (and some women too) get on tv to "preach" about how their congregations are "good people" and we just have to believe we're good, and we're good. No muss, no fuss. No hard questions being asked or soul searching being done.
I don't think that in a Church that is a place of worship and service to God, we should come as we are and then leave as we came. We should come as we are, and leave looking toward Christ to change our hearts and lead us.
I love you granddaddy! Keep spreading the Good News!