Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Here Goes

Well here goes, I've tried this once and thought I was doing so good and because I don't have a clue as to how to do this, I lost what I wrote and so here I am again doing it over.
I'm a proud 62 year old dad who has 3 daughters, 4 if you count Shelley and I have 5 grandchildren. I'm very proud of all these girls and what they are accomplishing in life. Lisa is my oldest and she has 3 children. Lisa and her oldest son Brandon are going to graduate from college this spring. Now that's my kinda girl. Lisa very seldom every had to study in high school and so going back to college and working full time was not as hard on her as with most people. But I know it's hard as it would be on anybody, but that's my girl, she's tough and when she put's her head to it. she knows how to get it done. Bethanne is my middle girl. She has two boys ages 4 and 6. If you've read her blog, you know that the oldest son just recently got saved and was baptised. She's on cloud nine, as she should be, about that. Bethanne graduated several years ago summa cum ladan ? Can't spell and it's obvious all three of my girls are smarter than me. Jennifer is my youngest daughter and she is working now while her husband is going back to school. He recently got out of the Marine Corp where he spent two terms in Iraq. He's studing Computer Science. I'm hoping that she will get her education as soon as her husband graduates. They have no children yet.
I was in banking for over 25 years and spent five years building and selling Real Estate. God called me into the Stewardship Ministry at FBCW some 10 years ago and I have been blessed to see many couples come to know real freedom in Knowing Christ and others in becomeing free from debt. Last year alone, 32 persons came to my office admitting they had financial problems and as I shared Christ with them, they prayed to recieve Christ as Savior. Awesome thing for God to turn our heads and our hearts at the same time. I was saved at the age of 27, after having tried fooling everybody around me for many years. On Dec. 3, 1971, I tursted Christ as my Lord and Savior. Now this is a little about me and I might tell you more as I get the nerve, or better yet can think of what to write, but for right now this is the start.


BethAnne said...

Summa cum Laude----I cant believe you figured it out! You even commented on my blog! Amazing!

Kelly S. said...

Great Start!! I'm a "fan of Bethanne". What a wonderful ministry you have. My husband is in the lending business, how interesting how God has used your life. Thank you for sharing!