Friday, March 14, 2008

Getting the hang of things

Well, I just spoke to Beth by phone and her oldest son is out of school today sick. Her other son woke up after having a bad dream about spiders and she went in to see Lake and scared him to death. I told her that she lived in a zoo and that we needed to start charging for admission. Beth is a very verbalizing person and she has learned from her sister how to make a short story--long. To know Beth is to love Beth. She has a different take on life than most young women and she is full of fun and yet can be so serious. She has some real sympathy for people at times and at times she can quip real hard and fast. Lisa who is the oldest of the three daughters, is a happy go lucky, no big deal kind of girl. She lives and let's live and just doesn't seem to get up in the air about nothing. Jennifer is the youngest and I would say she is half and half being like her two older sisters. She is high strung sometimes and low strung at other times. The one thing that is consistant with all three of my daughters is they really love their Dad and for that I am so blessed. God is so good to me and I'm so proud of my girls and I wouldn't change one thing for any of them even if I could. They have given me 5 precious grand-children and what else could a man ever want this side of heaven. So to say the least, I'm very proud Dad. I also like my sons-in-laws. They too are very different and that's not all bad either. I really believe that each of them love my daughter with all their hearts. Do they always show it? Probably not but my daughters probably don't always show their love for their husbands either. But again, I'm very proud of them all. Although they each are different, the difference is attractive and it shows their individualities. You will find, in this blog, the things I like talking about are my pride and joy which is my daughters. I also like talking about my Lord because of what He has done in my life. Iam so blessed and I realize that all blessings come from Christ and He is the source of my strength. Well this is all for today and perhaps later I will give you some insight about all of our family.


BethAnne said...

You said, "To know Beth is to love Beth."

That was my favorite part AND the most true words ever spoken ;-)

Shelley said...

I agree with Beth: to know her is to love her...but I am also feeling like the red-headed step child over here. You mentioned me in the other post and then left the world hanging! I am waiting for you to dedicate a post to your other daughter, aka "Moi." ;-)

Greg P. said...

Eddie, I got your blog from Beth's blog and after reading it I had to comment. I think you did a great job of getting it going! I was moved with the sincerity I saw as I read about the love you have for Christ and your family. I'm 57 yrs. old and I can relate. I have two sons and I love the Lord and I love my two boys. They are grown, 27 and 24, but, in my heart they will always be my little boys. I remember the day I came to the Lord also. It was August 5, 1981 and it was very memorable.

I hope you continue to work on your blog because I think it can be alot of fun and possibly a way to lead someone to Christ. God bless.

Greg P.

He Knows My Name said...

i couldn't stop by without saying hi to bethanne's dad. what a sweet tribute to your beautiful family. your words were so true about bethanne she is truly loved by the many lives she has touched via the blog and i'm sure that is multiplied in person. have fun with your blog. blessings from michigan. ~janel