Monday, June 8, 2009

OKAY, where is everybody?

It seems that either summer or the sun-shine has caused everybody to disappear. Haven't heard from many of you in months. OKAY, let's see, there's Shelley, LuAnn, Beth Greg, Anna, Donna, Lisa, Jenny. Carol, Heather, Lynn, Jim, Todd, Andrew, Mari, Audrey, Shannon, Kristen and many more. Where are you guys. Now is the time to get back to blogging. How in the world am I suppose to know what's going on with you guys if you don't bother to write it out. Let's get with it folks, no more loafing. Hope to hear something ASAP from each of you.


Mitchell said...

Hey Eddie...
Just thought you should know that apparently "FACEBOOK" is where everyone has gotten off too...
Been working alot lately...somebody's little girl is "high maintenace" and expects to live to a certain standard. Personally I think her father SPOILED HER ROTTEN...thank squid

;) seeya later
Jar-Heads rule!!!

jcdisciple said...

I'm still here...not as much, though! I'm on FB, too...but I can't abandon blogger. Thinking Deeper conference again this year...I hope.

Greg P. said...


I haven't abandoned my blog, but, I gotta tell ya, I hardly had any more hits and comments were dwindling. If my blog was a newspaper column, I'd get fired for low readership.

My heart is still with the Lord and always will be!