Monday, May 19, 2008

To All you Bethanne bloggers

Well, I was fortunate enough to go home and see Beth and the boys last weekend. Yes her computer died and someone at her church is trying to resurrect it, but by now it stinketh I'm sure. Beth, Steve and boys are doing fine and I know she wants to get back to her blogging ASAP. I talk to her about twice a week so if you have a message you want to pass on, just let me know.
Stay tuned for the Rapture Question is coming next. Do you know what Scripture says about the Rapture? Are you ready? Better hurry!


Shelley said...

That explains why she hasn't left a blog post since Mother's Day--I thought there was something wrong with MY computer! Hope you enjoyed your visit. :-)

Greg P. said...

Eddie, thank you for your comments and your support of my blog.

With anything of this nature, it's not the appearance of the blog, but, the meat of the message that really counts. I'm looking forward to your post(s) regarding the Rapture. I was reading on today about how the UFO phenomenon could play a part in the great delusion of 2Thes.2:11. Very interesting. God bless.

Mommyluann said...

I am having bethanne withdrawels! I told Steve Sunday to get that computer fixed pronto...! ha ha